Our pricing could not be easier.  Just select the number of boxes you will have in your move, and that determines how much you pay (see the table below).  That amount covers everything for 1 month: your personalized labels (sent to you with free 2nd day shipping), our smartphone app (for multiple users if you need it) and access to our phone-based support (from real people!).

Number of Boxes Charge
Up to 25 $2.50
For each additional 25 boxes Add an additional $2.50
Up to 500 (Our Maximum for 1 Account) $50.00

Most moves will be over in a month or less, but if you need SmarterBoxes for longer than 1 month, that’s not a problem.  Any boxes that are still packed after 1 month will be charged at $0.10 / box / month ($1 minimum) for each month that they remain packed in your SmarterBoxes account.  So if you have some boxes going to storage for a while or if you just want to unpack a little more slowly, it’s not a problem.

Questions about our pricing or how SmarterBoxes would work for the specifics of your move?  Call and talk to one of our moving consultants at 844-HiBoxIQ (1-844-442-6947).

Effective 1/1/2017, SmarterBoxes will be temporarily closed to new customers due to a technical migration. We apologize for any inconvenience and will re-open for new customers as quickly as possible.