1. Create Your SmarterBoxes Account

Create your SmarterBoxes account and place your order on our website.  You only need an estimate of the number of boxes you plan to pack (up to 25, up to 50, etc.).  You can start small, then add more boxes later if needed.

For your initial and any add-on orders, your labels will arrive in 2 business days or less—Free Shipping!  Questions? Call 1-844-HiBoxIQ (844-442-6947)

2. Download Our App

Download our free app and enter your SmarterBoxes account information.  Start by entering basic information about your current and new home, and even your moving and storage company.  And your friends or family can also use our app on their phone or tablet for no extra charge.  SmarterBoxes keeps your team in sync!

Questions? Call 1-844-HiBoxIQ (844-442-6947)

3. Pack

Label your boxes (remember, we give you a label for each side of each box), then use our app to scan the QR code on the label or enter the box number on the label.  Enter text descriptions or take pictures of what you pack, or do both.  You can also specify which house and room the box is coming from, which house and room it should go to, or where you will store it.  SmarterBoxes is your way to record whatever you want to remember about each box.

Questions? Call 1-844-HiBoxIQ (844-442-6947)

4. Move

If you are using movers, use our app to scan your boxes as they are loaded so that you know exactly how many boxes are loaded.  And because you used SmarterBoxes to pack, you know what is in each of those boxes.  And when you unload?  You guessed it, scan the boxes as they are unloaded.  You will know if you are missing any boxes before the movers drive away.  Are your boxes going to different places?  Are you using more than 1 moving company?  No problem!  SmarterBoxes works with multiple locations and moving companies.

Questions? Call 1-844-HiBoxIQ (844-442-6947)

5. Unpack

When you are ready to unpack, use the app to see the contents of an individual box.  Just scan the QR code on the label or enter the box number on the label.  Or, search across your entire box inventory using the text descriptions you entered when you packed.  Either way, find your stuff—fast.

Questions? Call 1-844-HiBoxIQ (844-442-6947)

Effective 1/1/2017, SmarterBoxes will be temporarily closed to new customers due to a technical migration. We apologize for any inconvenience and will re-open for new customers as quickly as possible.