Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is SmarterBoxes a moving company or a storage company?

A:  No, we are neither a moving company nor a storage company.  We are a solution that combines personalized labels with a really cool smartphone app that makes packing, moving and unpacking easier for you.  While we recommend that almost everyone use a moving company, SmarterBoxes can work for you even if you don’t use a moving company.  SmarterBoxes will work for you whether you pack on your own, move on your own or whether or not you plan to put any of your boxes in storage or not.

Q:  Does SmarterBoxes provide moving boxes?

A:  No, we do not provide moving boxes, but we do make them a lot smarter.  If you are using a moving company, they can provide you with boxes.  Or, there are companies in your area that sell moving boxes.  Or, you can even try to get them from your local grocery store or other local business before they throw them away.  How you obtain your moving boxes is entirely up to you.  SmarterBoxes works with your moving boxes regardless of how you obtained them, where they came from, or if they are new or used.

Q:  So SmarterBoxes isn’t a moving or storage company and SmarterBoxes doesn’t provide boxes. So what is SmarterBoxes exactly?

A:  A really great question.  Honestly, we haven’t yet found the perfect catchphrase to describe SmarterBoxes. We’ve heard “moving organization system”, “moving inventory system”, “multi-user moving app”, “moving box labeling system”, “moving box tracker” and “the find-my-stuff-fast moving system”.  We think all of those – and others – apply. If you have a great suggestion, feel free to email to us at  But until then – we’re going to stay focused on doing everything we can do to Improve Your Move.

Q:  OK, so to use SmarterBoxes, I need an estimate of how many boxes I plan to move.  How do I come up with that?

A:  A very good question. First, we should emphasize the word “estimate”, because the SmarterBoxes pricing is tiered into groups of 25 boxes (up to 25 boxes, up to 50 boxes, etc. all the way up to 500 boxes).  We know that – before you pack – it’s almost impossible to know how many boxes you will need to hold all of your stuff.  But there are a ways to estimate.

First, if you are using a moving company (and we really hope you are if you own more stuff than will fit in an SUV), they are likely to quote their services by estimating a number of boxes.  Even if the number of boxes is not a basis for how your moving company charges you for their services, they can give you an estimate of how many boxes you will need based on the size of your apartment, house or office because they need it to determine how large of a moving truck to use for your move and how many movers to bring on moving day.

Second, if you are buying your boxes from a box company, they can help you estimate the number of boxes (usually based on the number of rooms in your house).  Finally, even if you are moving on your own and going the “freebie” route for boxes, you are going to have to ultimately estimate how many boxes you need.  In this case, we recommend you start small by placing an initial order with SmarterBoxes for up to 25 or up to 50 boxes.  If you wind up with more than 25 or 50, you can always upgrade your SmarterBoxes account to handle more boxes later.  We will send you more labels when you upgrade your account.

Q: Who can use SmarterBoxes?

A: Anyone.  Whether you are a family of six moving into a larger home, a retiree downsizing after the kids move out, moving a move across country for a new job, an entering freshman moving off to college or a graduating senior moving to start your career, SmarterBoxes will work for you.  The only limit at this time is that we only support up to 500 boxes on a single account.

Q:  Can businesses use SmarterBoxes, or is it only for residential customers?

A:  Businesses can absolutely use SmarterBoxes for their move.   The only limit at this time is that we only support up to 500 boxes on a single account.

Q:  What do I need in order to use SmarterBoxes?

A:  Even though our app is free, you do have to order our service, which you can do with a major credit card here on our website.  During the order process, you will create an account (an email address and a password) that you enter into our smartphone app.  And as soon as your order is completed and your account is setup, we will ship your personalized labels to you within 2 business days of your order as part of your subscription.  Free shipping.

Q:  Why is SmarterBoxes designed as a service?

A:  Great question.  The answer is that we set out to deliver a game-changing solution for people who are moving.  In the process of researching and designing ways to do that, we realized that people move for a lot of different reasons and under different circumstances, but ultimately, moves are either “short-term” or “long-term”.  A typical short-term move is usually something like this: “I’m going from House #1 to House #2 in the same city.  The prior owners have already moved out of House #2 and I can move in as soon as I can pack and move out of House #1”.  That’s a pretty simple scenario and our research indicates that these kinds of moves would need something like SmarterBoxes for 1 month or less (depending on how quickly you want to attack the job of unpacking).

An example of a long-term move is a family who is going to do a major renovation on their home that requires them to move into to a rental home as well as to put some of their things in storage.  If the construction is going to take 6 months or longer, then they will need a way to indicate which boxes go to the rental home and which go to storage.  Then, when they are ready to move back in, they need to pack and move out of the rental home and have those boxes re-unite with the boxes that come out of storage.  And they need a way to keep track of what is in all of those boxes at each step along the way.

The point is that we decided to make SmarterBoxes a service because we wanted to be there for you for as short or as long as your move dictates that you need us.

Q:  The Pricing page talks about charging for “remaining packed boxes” after the first month. How does SmarterBoxes know how many of my boxes are still packed after the first month?

A:  Another very good question that has a really simple answer. And the answer is that you tell us when you have unpacked a box by using our smartphone app.  Specifically, there is a clearly marked feature within our app that allows you to “unpack” a box after you have – in the real world – actually unpacked a box.  Using the “unpack” feature in our app tells us to both remove that box from our service and to stop any on-going charges for that box.  It also helps you keep track of exactly where you are with your unpacking.

Q:  What smartphone platforms do you support?

A:  At this time, we support iOS (Apple).  We do plan to support the Android-based devices in the near future and will be announcing availability for those devices in the early fall of 2015.

Q:  Do I need to use the labels that SmarterBoxes provides to use SmarterBoxes?

A:  Yes.  Our app is specifically designed to work with the personalized labels that we provide to you when you use SmarterBoxes.  And one of the cool things about our labels is that we give you 4 per box so that you can put one on each side.  Our experience is that Murphy’s Law always applies in moving, and with a label on each side, you can use SmarterBoxes regardless of which side of the box is stacked against the wall.

Q:  Who can see my information?

A:  By design, only you or people that you share your account information with can see your information.

Q:  Do I have to buy the SmarterBoxes app?

A:  No.  You can download the SmarterBoxes app for free. However, in order to use it, you need to order our service and create an account.  You enter your account information into the app.  You can create your account and order SmarterBoxes here on our website.

Q:  Are there any geographic restrictions on SmarterBoxes?

A:  Strictly speaking, there are not, but we are currently only selling to customers who live in the United States.

Q:  Are there any language restrictions on SmarterBoxes?

A:  SmarterBoxes only supports the English language at this time.

Effective 1/1/2017, SmarterBoxes will be temporarily closed to new customers due to a technical migration. We apologize for any inconvenience and will re-open for new customers as quickly as possible.