The idea for SmarterBoxes came from our founder’s own moving experience in the summer of 2014.  His family packed and moved approximately 150-200 boxes as part of their move into their new home.  They had already closed on the sale of their current home – and had a firm move-out date.  However, the renovation project on part of their new home was running over schedule. That meant some of their boxes had to go to short-term storage, while others had to go to their new home for their initial (and partial) move-in.  Even though they were diligent about labeling each box (or so they thought), they wound up in a constant search for the box that held whatever they needed in that particular moment.  In their case, that was complicated by trying to figure out if the box they needed was at their home or in storage. If you’ve moved, chances are you’ve lived your own personal version of this movie.  Our founder thought “There just has to be a better way”.

That sparked a research project to find a solution that was built with the sole purpose of making packing, moving and unpacking easier.  There were a few apps and some other “home brew” approaches (use different colored labels, etc.), but there didn’t seem to be anything that delivered everything he wished he had for his family’s move.  So, he founded SmarterBoxes in March of 2015 with the goal of making moving easier for you – the individual, family or even small business who is moving.

SmarterBoxes is not a moving company, packing company, storage company or box company.  We are a complete moving solution designed to make your move easier, whatever the size or circumstances of your move. Our mission is to deliver a game-changing moving experience for individuals, families and small businesses. Part of that is being there for you before, during and after your move via our 24/7/365, toll-free, Customer Service number at 1-844-HiBoxIQ (844-442-6947).  Whether you are using SmarterBoxes and have a question, or just want to talk about the specifics of your move and figure out if SmarterBoxes can help you or not, give us a call.  However we can help, it is our goal to Improve Your Move.

Effective 1/1/2017, SmarterBoxes will be temporarily closed to new customers due to a technical migration. We apologize for any inconvenience and will re-open for new customers as quickly as possible.